A few of the application files have been encoded for anti-theft purpose, this requires ionCube Loader to run, if you are using a cPanel hosted server the extension can easily be enabled using the guide below.
These encoded files DOES NOT include the application frame which can be modified for customization purpose. All React JS assets and Laravel Controller files are fully editable, you are able to make customization to the code base as you wish.
The anti-theft mechanism is needed because in our last project we had a lot of people running an unlicensed copy of the script which affected the legit businesses of buyers.
Server/PHP Version
We strongly advice that you get a VPS or Dedicated LINUX server (with root access) running a minimum required PHP version of 7.1.3+
Used for arbitrary-precision arithmetic
Used for Image processing
Used for remote files processing
PHP OpenSSL extension must be installed and enabled. This is required for secure data encryption. OpenSSL version must be 1.0.1c or above.
Used to create secure connection to MySQL server.
Used for language specification at the lexical level.
Used for multibyte encoding.
Used by the script to operate on XML documents
Used for character processing / manipulation by the script
Used for JSON data-interchange format
Used for operating on XML documents
Used for making http requests
Used for file processing
Used by the script to perform localization
If you are using a cPanel hosted server, and you have access to WHM (root), you can configure this under EasyApache Wizard. We recommend a server with root access because, requirements like BitGo Express which is used for interacting with the blockchain network, needs to be kept running and restarted on failure. We can only achieve this by using other software service which needs root access to operate.

Configuration Guide

CPanel (WHM)
If your server is cPanel hosted, you may use this guide to ensure that your your server complies wit the requirements.
This guide is independent of this section. We are going to take you through the whole process of server configuration for cPanel here, if related setup is needed in any part of this documentation, you can always refer back here.
1. Login to WHM and access EasyApache 4 by using the search bar.
WHM > Software > EasyApache 4
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2. Once you have navigated to EasyApache 4 you can view, customize and provision available EasyApache profiles. Click the button under
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3. The “Apache Modules” section will allow you to select and install needed Apache Modules. Once the needed modules are selected, click Next. Apache Modules can add extra functionality to Apache. You must enable the mod_rewrite module.
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4. From the PHP Versions menu, you can select which versions of PHP you wish to install. WHM will automatically check for extensions currently being used by other versions of PHP on your server. We require the 7.1.3 php version or above. After you have selected the versions you want to install, click Next.
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5. From the next menu, the PHP Extensions menu, you can select all PHP extensions you require. Use the requirements table from above as reference. A good tip is to limit the selection view to only the version of PHP you are installing. You can do so at the top of this page by deselecting the boxes next to Filter by PHP Version. Once you have selected your PHP extensions click Next.
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Once you have finished your selections, click Next or Review. You should see a notification like the one we have included below. This can take a few minutes to complete so allow it some time to poll your results.
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8. Please be sure to review this next page to make sure you have selected the desired configuration. If you notice anything is missing or should be changed, you may return to the relevant menu to adjust the selections. Once reviewed, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Provision” button.
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Once you have begun provisioning, please allow EasyApache some time to finish. You will be prompted once the process has finished.
Congratulations, you have selected an MPM, installed additional Apache Modules, PHP versions, and PHP extensions using EasyApache 4.

Using the MultiPHP Manager from WHM

cPanel’s MultiPHP Manager allows users to manage cPanel accounts PHP configuration on a per domain basis. This feature is only available on EasyApache 4. You can also set the system’s default global PHP version for all accounts, enable PHP-FPM globally or per domain, and adjust PHP-FPM pool options.
Selecting System default PHP Version
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the MultiPHP Manager (WHM > Software > MultiPHP Manager)
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Click Edit under System PHP Versions.
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Select the desired PHP version and click Apply. You should see a Success notification at the top right of the page if the change was successful. It will also display any errors that may have occurred.
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