Crypterion is a multi-featured peer to peer, self hosted Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Crypterion comes with a responsive and customizable design. Unlike most Cryptocurrency exchange scripts out there, we support self hosted wallets, you get to provide free wallet service along side peer to peer interactive exchange.
Crypterion Showcase
A few coins provided by BitGo are supported at the moment, Moreover, we can integrate/adapt your custom coin upon request provided that you have a reliable API service to integrate with.
Here, you will find all the necessary information as regards to the installation and usage of the script. Feel free to check the FAQ section, you may discover one or two things which could be of help to you.


1. Peer 2 Peer Trading

Peer 2 Peer trading module matches buyers and sellers. With a real time chat system, users are able to trade one on one. Essentially, the sellers are to set their own prices and type of payments they accept. Dispute are usually resolved by moderators of the platform, and after a successful trade, a certain percentage fee specified by the administrator is charged.

2. Geo Location

Users are identified by the country from which they are accessing the platform, this is used for personalizing search result and it is indicated in user profiles and offer displays.

3. Contacts

Users may save contacts of their most trusted partners of trades, this will give them a faster access to their offers, or choose to restrict offer visibility to them.

4. Multi-coin Support

It supports multiple coin system, and you are able to provide free wallet service to users. We have successfully integrated with BitGo service and provided support for a few coins. However, if you need to integrate more specific coins. Send us a support request.

5. Platform Customization

It supports a flexible customization system with which you are able to change color patterns to match your brand, choose from 5 of our preset layouts, set a dark or light theme, e.t.c. Both User Area's home page and Admin Area's home page are Widget driven and can be rearranged in your preferred order. New widgets will be added with updates and you are able to enable/disable according to your preference.

6. Email & SMS Notification

The platform supports both email and sms notification system. Users of the system are allowed to choose which notification they can receive. In the control panel you have the option of setting the messages that should be sent for each notification.

7. Presence Status

Users presence status are updated in real-time. They can be either online, away or offline at any point in time. This is indicated in their profile page, chat and offer display.

8. Two Factor

Two Factor has been integrated to provide an extra layer of security to users. This can be setup with Google Authenticator or Authy application

9. Phone & Email Verification

It supports Phone & Email verification, which can be done in user's settings. More verification system like KYC, AML will be released in one of our next updates.

10. Multi-language Support

It supports multi-lingual setup which is located in the Control Panel section. This allows you to change language files, add new locales e.t.c. directly in the Control Panel. After changes have been successfully made, users will be able to see the localized version of the system